Hi! I’m Katy. I am a wife to an amazingly adorable, honest to goodness love of my life and funny husband, mother to the cutest little 13 month old you’ve ever seen and child of the one true King.

Some fun little facts about me:

  1. I LOVE Jesus more than anything. When I think about the incredible sacrifice He did, suffering and dying on the cross, to wipe away our sins, wow! I’m so grateful and amazed by it.
  2. I love to sing… I rarely do it any more. But it is one of my favorite things about going to church, singing worship songs and praising God 🙂
  3. I was a three sport athlete in high school – volleyball, basketball and tennis.
  4. I’ve never broken any bones – I tend to be a pretty cautious person.
  5. I’ve always been the girl with a camera! Ask any of my friends, from any point in my life. Capturing memories makes me happy, I’m a sucker for reminiscing 🙂
  6. I’ve been to Australia and New Zealand (well, the airport in New Zealand!) and that about covers my international travel. An incredible experience, playing volleyball and meeting some really great girls and teammates.
  7. I grew up on a small cattle ranch in Oregon. My childhood was awesome and I hope to share that same experience with our children. Oh and I’m very passionate about the cattle industry!
  8. I was a nanny for triplets (started when they were 9 months old) for a year when I was in college. Now they are 10 years old, holy moly!
  9. My favorite music is Texas Country (Red dirt country), 80s/90s country (definitely NOT modern pop country) and Contemporary Christian.
  10. We have three shelter dogs. Cinch was a puppy from a litter left in a shelter in Oregon in 2010, June was a few months old from the Pocatello, ID shelter when we got her last year and Squeaks in the new dog (I think a couple years old and originally came from a shelter) that came with the house we bought this year, otherwise she would’ve been taken to the shelter by the previous owners.

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