Life with {my} One Year Old



Our little lady is 13 months today. It’s pretty amazing to see how fast time has gone since she entered our lives. Spring has once again arrived (warm weather, one crazy snow day in between and this lovely Southern Idaho wind).

I was going to title this, Life with a One Year Old, but they’re all so different, so this is life with my one year old. Comment if you can relate or have your own fun things you experience!

  1. If I take something from her (with the intentions of fixing or helping), I instantly get barraged with little baby daggers. She furrows her eyebrows and lets me have it.
  2. She’s learning she has a voice. We let her use it, because it’s important right now for her development and ability to communicate. You should hear what she says to us when she gets mad. Those made up baby words are so lively and vibrant.
  3. She doesn’t like to be held. She needs to be down and exploring, or we could possibly have a crank attack.
  4. Her favorite thing to play with right now? Sticks. Happiest child alive, with sticks.
  5. Being outside and having the freedom to roam, instantly takes away any crankiness. Always.
  6. Dirt must taste good, because even after tasting it the first time, she still tries to put more in her mouth. I’d love to believe this is a lesson she could learn on her own, but sadly not.
  7. I sometimes hide some of her favorite toys and give them to her later, when she’s bored of what she currently has or gets cranky… it’s like Christmas! Where has this toy been my WHOLE life?!
  8. When she’s done with something, she throws it. Her milk, eggs, everything, but this also goes for anything she really doesn’t like either. And its the worst when its slimy and sticky. It’s rough letting go and letting your child feed themselves.
  9. She talks so. very. much. She isn’t saying any actual words though. She thinks she is. Well, not English any way.
  10. She used to like all foods; well now, not so much. Between being flavorless and the texture of certain foods, she first spits it out of her mouth (so its nice a slimy), then grabs it and throws it to the floor. Your welcome, Mommy.
  11. Speaking of flavor, this kid loves a bit of spice in her life. She loves Mexican food and Mariachi music. Thank you El Carporral and Evie’s.
  12. When I ask her not to do something, she gives me a really good stare down – straight faced, chin down, almost a glare.. I have to look away and laugh. How does she already have this down?
  13. When she sees something she thinks is funny or that she really likes, she always looks at me and smiles and/or giggles. Maybe to see if I think it’s funny too and wants to enjoy the moment with me? These are some of my favorite moments of the day 🙂
  14. My kid is crazy, loud, energetic, sassy and independent. She makes me so happy every day to see her sweet face and smile! I love this kid. so. much.