Alone in her crib, prayers from a 2 year old

Trending on Facebook right now is a video of a 2 year old from South Carolina, saying her prayers, by herself, in her crib. It is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Her mom and dad captured this adorableness by recording their daughter through their video monitor.

Sometimes, I have a hard time remembering to pray. It shouldn’t be difficult, it should be second nature, really. But I’d like to be open and honest about it. Days get busy – with work, kids and life, but prayer should be a part of that! How can it be so hard to take a little time to thank God for the people we have in our life, or the food on our table, or the roof over our head?

It may seem a little ridiculous, but I find this little 2 year old quite inspiring. Her parents rushed her to bedtime as to not miss an important playoff game. That little 2 year old doesn’t know any different. She doesn’t know how “important” that game was, but she did find it important to pray, and thank God for all of the wonderful people in her life (including Santa, what a kid 🙂 ) before going to bed.

What a sweet and thoughtful little girl!

Check it out 🙂







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